About Me...

Around the age of eleven, Richard Gordon realized he had a gift for art. His first forms of self-expression included pencil, charcoal, oil, pen & ink, and some other methods to name a few. Throughout the years of his experience, Richard realized that working with pastels was his best form. It is this style that depicts detail and depth of true color that flows in and throughout his work and provokes emotions with the audience.

Richard Gordon also has an AA degree in Commercial and Advertising Arts. He is a member of the Flagler County Art League, his work has been exhibited at the Pioneer Art Settlement, Abott Tract Artist, Rachel Thompson Gallery, Park Mar Gallery, and the Flagler County Art League. Richard has also won the Award of Excellence, received several Honorable Mentions in local shows, and publicly noticed in the Deland Magazine (on the front cover) and in other local newspapers.


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